Softball Tryouts

Jasmyn Williams, 12

Softball tryouts were held on January 22-24. Normally there would only be 2 days of try outs, but they decided to do a third day. The reason for the third day was to see another day of every ones talents. Which would help their final decision on who to select for the J-V and varsity team. “I was kind of relieved for the third day because it was an extra day for me to prove myself,” sophomore Madison Maxwell said.
They split the try outs into lowerclassmen and upperclassmen but the lowerclassmen that had more experience got to try out with the upperclassmen. “I was honored when I was able to try out with the older girls even though I’m a freshmen, everyone gets treated the same. They didn’t treat me like I was younger than them. We all come out to play the same game. I wouldn’t look down or brag about it, it doesn’t necessarily mean I made varsity, but let’s hope for the best,” freshman Jacey Bisbee said.
They posted their final 24 girls on Edline under the physical education column on January 24th. They haven’t let anyone know who’s on J-V or varsity yet. But as an 11th or 12th grader you have to be on varsity because they don’t allow juniors and seniors to play on a junior varsity team, typically because it’s not fair to the younger girls. “I was so excited when I found out I made the team, as long as I get to play that’s all that matters to me,” junior Kirstin Comer said.