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Senioritis, Real or Fake

Tyler Pesante, 12

February 12, 2018

Filed under Breaking News, News, Opinion, Student Life

Senioritis seems to be a common thing towards the end of the year, some students get bored because they might not have many core classes or they might have release blocks so the fact of coming to a place and doing nothing might...

Anna Davis’s Transfer Troubles

Anna Davis, News Reporter

January 30, 2018

Filed under Features, News, Opinion, Student Life

Starting at a new school in the middle of a semester as a new student can be pretty terrifying for some teenagers especially if they have social anxiety or they are an introvert. The thought of starting at Astronaut High freaked...

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklynne Tenedini, 12

January 10, 2018

Filed under Opinion

With its fast-paced script and witty (occasionally dry) humor, I can say with confidence that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the best shows on television. Its zany, diverse cast of characters intrigues viewers and its fast-paced...