Door Decorating.

Jessie Blackburn, 10, Editor

For Literacy Week teachers and students are doing more than celebrating through their clothing, they’re decorating their classroom doors.
Themes such as The Lorax and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs have been chosen. “I chose The Lorax because it’s a cute and funny movie/story,” Mrs. Schuller said.
Although teachers are decorating some people are not. “I forgot about it but I’d like to decorate. If I did I’d choose Animal Farm to be my theme,” Mr. Williams said. Other teachers had different ideas in mind “If I decorated I’d write “What book are you reading?” and ask all my classes then paste their answers on the door,” Mrs. Koeltzow said.
Don’t forget you can still celebrate Literacy Week by dressing up.
Monday: Wear your favorite team gear
Tuesday: Disney Day
Wednesday: Pajamas Day
Thursday: Camo Day
Friday: Wear your favorite college colors.