Operation: Expo Night

Jessie Blackburn, 11, S5

On January 29th, 2019, Cadets LTC DeVane, Major Lugo, CSM Mabry, CPT Harman, and 1LT Pridgen represented the JROTC War Eagle Battalion for Expo night. Cadets came to school at 5pm for a parent meeting then stayed till the end of the Expo. The Color Guard carried colors and honored the State flag during the national anthem. Afterwards, Cadets 1LT Pridgen, CSM Mabry, and LTC DeVane walked across the stage while holding the State flag to represent the program. When the meeting was over, students who went to the JROTC table got to see achievements from the program such as trophies from Raiders and Drill. Students who signed up for the program got briefed on what the program has to offer and what teams they can join.