Operation: Teacher Turkey Shoot

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Operation: Teacher Turkey Shoot

Jessie Blackburn, 11, S5

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On November 15th, 2018, Teachers gathered in the wrestling room during different periods and competed with each other by shooting targets to win either: 20lb Butterball Turkey, 13lb Butterball Turkey, Thanksgiving Duck, Southern Baking Hen, or Cornish Hen. The teachers that tied had an arm wrestle to settle who the final winner would be and Mr. Sexon beat Mr. Schindler and Mrs. Feaster beat Mrs. Stahc.


Top 5 male winners:

Mr. Morgan – 89 points

Mr. Worden – 85 points

Mr. Heath – 78 points

Mr. Schindler and Sexon – 75 points


Top 5 female winners:

Mrs. Newman – 88 points

Mrs. Huffman – 80 points

Mrs. Feaster and Stahc- 76 points

Mrs. Hallock – 75 points

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