Thirty Seconds to Mars comeback album “AMERICA”

Jessie Blackburn, 10, Editor

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It’s been over 5 years since their last album “LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS” and they just released their new album “AMERICA” on Friday, April 6th.

I was really excited when this album came out and I wasn’t disappointed when I finally got to listen to it.
Songs I highly recommend:
I love “Great Wide Open” most because of how beautiful and impacting it is. The song is slower than the rest but it gives you a strong like punch to the stomach when it’s played. The song can be depicted into a love song or a song about religion. It starts off with Jared saying “Is this the life that we’re living?” and later says “Is this love? Some new beginning?” He asks for someone to stop and set him free and he makes subtle references to God.

“Love is Madness” is an upbeat catchy song that I can never get tired of. The song features Halsey which is an artist I don’t like and I refuse to listen to her music but this song breaks that. The song is about how a guy never said he’d be the girl’s lover or friend and the girl feels the same way. Even though they feel the same about the situation they still love each other and they claim that love is madness.

“Remedy” is sang by Jared’s brother Shannon and this was the first time I heard his voice. It’s different from Jared’s which I like because it’s a lot smoother and clearer. The song is about breaking hearts and searching for a remedy to heal from it. The song is also slower than the rest of the tracks.

“I would listen to this album more often because the songs I have heard are good. “Dangerous Night” is my favorite I like the beat and it’s a good song”, sophomore Amanda Maddox said.

I highly recommend this album because it was perfectly planned out. The band has songs on it that teenagers and adults find appealing and it’s a mix of soulfulness and confidence. The songs on this album can make you think about life but at the same time make you energized. If I could rate it from an unbiased perspective I’d still give it ten stars. If you’re looking for new music Thirty Seconds to Mar’s new album will not disappoint you.

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Thirty Seconds to Mars comeback album “AMERICA”