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Tyler Pesante, 12

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Last year June 27, 2017, the final episode of Pretty Little Liars aired. Fans were sad about the ending of the show. Less than three months after the final episode Free Form ordered a pilot episode for the new spin off series.
“I am not sure how I feel exactly about the new series. I will watch the new series when it comes out, mostly to see what all they bring from Pretty Little Liars to see how it matches up. I think that the show will do well because people have been hyping it up,” junior Nic Pesante said.
Since the show is a spinoff, it will have a new cast but they are bringing back two of the main characters to be on the show. The characters that they said will be back are Sasha Pierterse who played Allison Dilaurentis, and Janel Parrish who played Mona Vanderwaal.
“I am sad to see the show and cast go because you kind of get attached. I am happy that they are at least bringing back two of the old characters to get the old fans want to watch the new series, and to keep it linked to the old series,” senior Abby Speiker said.
On January 29th the Pretty Little Liar official Instagram posted a picture of one of the newest cast members to the show Disney Channel star Sofia Carson.
“I think that the show will do well, I’m happy that they are adding a Disney star because I think that it might bring more viewers to watch the show. I will definitely watch the show when it comes out,” junior Emily Colon said.

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The Perfectionists