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A Show Worth Talking About

By: Amber Walters, 11, Yearbook Staff Member

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It seems that in this day and age, you haven’t really made it unless you’ve gone viral. From internet videos to tweet threads, to the cutest celeb couple to the latest TV show, our generation is heavily influenced on popularity. One of the hottest trends right now seems to be the Netflix original series, “13 Reasons Why”, which is based on the book of the same name.

“I think of the show simply as a form of entertainment. I decided to disregard the element of people thinking the show romanticizes suicide because I was able to understand and differentiate between the demand in entertainment right now and the serious topic of suicide,” junior Kayla Murray said.

The show is about many controversial issues and viewers’ opinions are split between how they think it handles them. Some praise the way it so openly shows the hard truth of the problems teens face today. Others criticize both the main character, Hannah Baker. They say the show glorifies the portrayal of issues such as rape, bullying, and suicide. This has led to spread of caution in many places, like in high schools, where the show mainly takes place.

“We had a staff meeting where the show was one of the topics and we discussed the best way to help and keep out students safe. I wanted to see what my students were watching so I knew what they were exposed to. It gave me insight on what they’re dealing with because what’s happening in the show is very real,” Mrs. Rachow said.

Despite all the controversy, it has gained a plethora of attention and a large following. It has earned a second season, and while not much is known about it, it has been assured that it will continue to focus on such hard hitting elements.

“I really like the show because it gave many examples of a lot of different things that go on in high school that people either want to ignore or dismiss as being insignificant such as bullying, rape, substance abuse, and cyberbullying. I feel like it’s viewed as controversial because a lot of people like to look the other way with these problems and now that other people are making an effort to spread the awareness, they freak out seeing this is the true side of things and how it portrays raw feelings and scenarios,” sophomore Gabby Maggard said.


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A Show Worth Talking About