Three Strokes Over


First home golf match for the boys team was a success dominating over Cocoa High School on August 31st, 2017 at Indian River preserve golf club.
“I didn’t play as well as I could have during the match against Cocoa. I should have managed the course better and make better decisions on my strategies,” sophomore Max Simons said.
The last group playing was sophomore Noah Chappell, junior Thor Moceri, and Cocoa’s last player. Combining Noah’s score and Thor’s score together put astronaut in first place by just 3 points over with a 158.
“It felt great being able to beat cocoa by just 3 points. I could have played better than I did, I tried my best and it was worth it by winning the match. The best part during the match was the cocoa player couldn’t ever find his ball,” junior Thor Moceri said.
Coach Moskovits drove around on the golf cart to each of the groups to help critique each player on what they can do better, how to improve their tee shots, and give tips on holding the club.
“I was really proud of the boys and how they played against Cocoa. There is always room for improvement,” Coach Mockovits said.