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Caught in the Moment

Marybeth Gainer, 9, Staff Writer

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While second block was in session Wednesday January 18, an announcement came on that a bomb threat was found in the school building at 10:20 am. Everyone was told to exit the building as soon as possible and report to the football field. No one knew what was going on as shock was presented on everyone’s faces leaving the building.

Students were uncertain of what was going to happen on Thursday; not knowing if another bomb threat would be called in or if it was going to be a normal day. On Thursday at 10:30 am another bomb threat had been made, telling everyone to exit the building once again. However on Thursday a choice had been made to leave all personal belongings inside the school.

“I have been a teacher here for 17 years and this has never occurred therefore it shocked me just as it shocked all of the students,” Mr. Landers said.

Teachers and students gathered quickly to the football field both days. Each class was assigned a section which each student had to be in that specific section. Many students lost their class outside with the amount of people and did not know what section they were supposed to be in. An arrest was made Wednesday when a student would not go back into the building when cleared and argued with a cop who was directing the check-outs. With around 1,100 students, faculty, and staff, chaos was displayed.

“Comparing the two days of bomb threats they both were out of control. Very disorganized on Wednesday but a plan was made for Thursday if it were to happen,” Mrs. Williams said.

Hoping nothing was going to occur, many students were preparing their selves if a bomb threat were to happen by bringing extra water and snacks. 78 degrees both days had individuals burnt by Friday.

“I prepared myself for Thursday by bringing lots of food, water, and wearing comfortable clothes,” freshman Alyssa Hedges said.

“Our students were safe at all times both days which was my and the rest of the staffs main concern. We are ready for any situation to happen in the future with plans to continue keeping students safe,” Principal Mrs. Miller said.

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