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Hurray for Anime

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Anime, the Japanese form of cartoon animation has been a shared interest with Americans since the 1960’s. Around that time our country slowly grew an intrigue in this unique form of entertainment. That intrigue is continued to be shown by the Anime Club, where they meet every Monday afterschool to share their enjoyment of the art. With each meeting they view a new anime, seldom showing the same one more than once.

“I wish we could stay on an anime longer”, sophomore and club member Sierra Andrews said.

The club is student led. At each meeting after school, on Mondays, a new member pulls up a new anime of their choosing for the rest of the class to enjoy. It’s kept as that no may choose another anime until every member has either had their turn or passed. The members act as critics, during the anime they rate and comment on it. It was an agreed decision amongst the club members as to the time of the meetings. So far the club has had no complaints filed by students or teachers. On a scale from one to ten the leadership of the club was given a perfect ten.

“The students do a really good job running the club”, the teacher in charge of the club, Mrs. Rivera, said.

Anime’s primary popularity in America has been with teenagers between the age of thirteen and seventeen. The anime club at Astronaut High has been active or the pass two years. Its membership consisting of approximately 10 members. There are also, on occasion, walk in bns.

“Anime’s popularity level is over 9000”, freshman, Jordyn Barkhausen said, quoting the famous meme from the popular anime, Dragon Ball Z.

Based on the anime industry statistics, anime will continue to be popular for the years to come.

“Anime is only going to get more awesome”, junior, Easton Dingus said.

Years ago anime was primarily popular in Japan, but since being introduced to it in the 60’s, it has taken hold in America. Based on popularity polls, anime’s following will only increase in the coming years. From Comicon to movie premiers. Anime club is just the tip of the iceberg.

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