A play worth seeing

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I did not expect “A Chorus Line” to be such a moving play. The play starts out with a bunch of people stretching and then proceed to start dancing in front of the director Zach (Played by Sean Meyers) and their dance choreographer Lori (Played by Montserrat Lopez)

After their dancing Zach eliminates a few dancers then puts everyone into a line. He makes them introduce themselves with their age, birthdate, name, and where they were born. After that he asks Diana (Played by Olga Intriago) to continue telling him about herself and she’s stumped. I found this to be really funny because it showed the reality of these characters. All of the want to dance and can’t seem to do anything without performing. I also loved Mike’s (Played by Ian Gadapee) tap solo. It was well done and entertaining to watch.

My favorite character is Shelia (Played by Erica Bargas) because she did an amazing job at getting into her sassy character. Normally when I watch plays I love to criticize and watching her character made me enjoy the play even more. Another character I loved was Diana, (Olga played Electra in our last play so I was expecting a lot from her) When she began to sing “Nothing” everything froze to me. I forgot about everyone else in the room and focused on her. Her voice was amazing and I think she did a great job at playing her role.

The characters and plot wasn’t the only thing I liked. The people controlling the lighting did an amazing job at hitting and changing the lights. I also think Mr. Coppola did a great job with his band students. The band kids were on time and they helped add dramatic effect to the story.

Watching this play you can tell that everyone including people with no lines put their biggest effort into it. You could feel the emotions the characters bestowed. I recommend this play because it’s different and unique. It breaks the fourth wall with the audience, there’s no proper setting or props, and you get to know the characters one by one.

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A play worth seeing