Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

Jessie Blackburn, 10, Editor

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Kim Kardashian West has a makeup line, reality T.V. show, perfumes, and to top it off she has a game.
I started playing on 12.31.17. Normally I play a game for a while then get tired of it but it isn’t the same this time. I am now an A-List celebrity with 1211.8m fans and I’ve spent over $76.00 to get there.

You start out in Downtown L.A. working in a store called “So Chic” (you later own) Where you meet Kim Kardashian who is in need of a new top because hers ripped. Afterwards she invites you to her photoshoot and this is where you get your start.

There’s always new challenges to do, at the moment the “5-Star #ThrowbackEvent” is going on which means you have to earn 5 stars on professional gigs to get points to free gifts.

You can date people in the game or friends you have in real life. I married my rivals (Willow Pape if you’re female, Dirk Diamonds if you’re a male) ex-boyfriend Dirk and am #1 on the “Top Couples” list.
Like Kim I have my own reality show and I’m ranked #455 out of 506. I recommend this game because it’s entertaining and has a good story line.

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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.