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AP Stat

Courtney Horton, 12

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AP statistics, taught by Mrs. Rendina, is a math class involving more than just solving equations. This class involves major concepts to collect and analyze data. AP statistics is a course offered at Astronaut High School that allows the students to be able to take a college course early on. After finishing the course, the students take the AP exam to earn the college credit for the class.

The skills learned in AP Statistics comes in handy with many different things. Not only does this class help students with math skills, but it helps students outside of the classroom as well. They learn more about what answers mean and how they’re able to use them.

“Exposing myself to different forms of math lets me become better at something that will likely be a part of my career later on in life. This class helps me understand how well I did on a test because I’m able to find what percentile I fall in. AP statistics also enables me to make better decisions because I learned how to calculate the probability of success or failure of certain problems,” senior Carter Boelke said.

Since AP Statistics is a college credit course, some students might have to take it again in college in order to get the college credit. This is because in order to get the credit for the class, the student has to pass the final exam.

“I might have to take this class in college again if I don’t pass but I will be more prepared since I took it this year. I wouldn’t mind taking this class again because I would be able to do better and I like AP statistics because it’s a different kind of math,” senior Katie Yakubowski said.

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AP Stat